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We have partnered with a recovery lab to offer you clean room labs serve the US and Canada. We ship your drives from around the globe to recover your files quickly and affordably.

Our recovery process is simple. You ship your hard drive to us then we work with one of the data recovery laboratories. Their engineers provide a free quote, and after receiving your approval, we recover your data to the device of your choice and ship it back.

NETWRX Backup is a File Backup Service that works via FTP, SFTP, SCP and SSH . Upload and download via the industry standard SCP protocol, from your favorite FTP / SCP client. We suggest using the free Duplicati program.

Our backup services focus on simple setup and operation, total reliability, and easy management for our customers. By leveraging open-source technologies that have been long proven in the marketplace and that are currently state-of-the-art, our service also provides a reliable, secure, and extensible backup solution.