Managed IT Services

Finally, there’s a way to build the perfect, advanced and forward-thinking technology infrastructure your business needs WITHOUT actually building anything at all. A way to exchange all of those wildly unpredictable IT costs for one flat, competitive, monthly rate. An opportunity to turn your IT from the cost center it’s currently acting as, into the revenue generator it was always meant to be.

All of these things relate back to one simple-yet-important concept: managed services. At Barrett Information Technology, we’ve been proudly serving businesses like yours in and around the Hilton Head and Bluffton area for many years with solutions that allow them to finally enjoy the benefits of proactive, predictably-priced technology support. Truly, we can’t wait for the opportunity to do the same for you, too.

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The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services aren’t just a way to finally break free from the reactive, “break/fix” model of IT support. It’s an opportunity to stop small problems today before they ever have a chance to become much larger and more expensive ones down the road.

Not only that, but with Hilton Head and Bluffton managed IT services, you gain access to a host of different benefits like:

  • Access to a team of people who are dedicated to one thing and one thing only: keeping your IT infrastructure up and running
  • Unparalleled scalability – Adding new resources to ramp up or scale back your capabilities is literally as simple as making a phone call
  • Increased productivity – Your own people will spend less time dealing with issues and can focus more of their attention on those matters that truly need them
  • Cloud-based services – Everything you need is delivered in an on-demand fashion over the Internet, allowing your people to be productive from literally any device on Earth with an active Internet connection

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

At Barrett Information Technology, we’ve always been proud of the fact that we offer enterprise-level IT infrastructures WITHOUT the price tag that normally comes with them. When you choose Barrett as your technology partner, you get access to many benefits, such as:

  • On-site support and service for those situations that demand a personal touch
  • Technology consulting to help make sure your IT aligns with your larger strategy as a business
  • Network design and installation to help create a rock-solid IT foundation upon which to build moving forward
  • Antivirus solutions to protect your network (and your data) from any and all cyber threats.
  • Data backup and recovery services to help mitigate risk and reduce the possibility of critical data loss
  • And much, much more!

The Trouble With the “Traditional” Approach to Technology

In general, the major issue with the traditional approach to IT maintenance (that is to say, keeping your entire infrastructure in-house so that it can be looked after by your own team of people) is that it’s far more reactionary than people realize.

If some part of your network or a hardware asset like a server goes offline, it immediately creates a negative ripple effect across your entire organization. Not only do your IT people suddenly need to snap into action to figure out what went wrong, but the productivity of your employees is severely limited while all of this is going on. Then, when something else breaks next week, the problem starts all over again. Your IT people are spending so much of their time on a reactionary, “break/fix” approach to technology that they have less of it to dedicate to finding new ways to actually use those resources to move your business forward.

Likewise, another one of the major issues with this approach is (and will always be) cost. If you need new equipment, the responsibility falls on you to buy it. You’ll need to pay someone to maintain, upgrade and optimize those assets. If something breaks, nobody is going to fix it but you and your team. All of this is hugely expensive and it all adds up to be more than many modern businesses can afford to deal with.

But thankfully, managed IT services have grown in popularity AND availability over the last few years, bringing with them a number of distinct advantages that you simply cannot afford to ignore any longer.

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