Privacy Policy

BARRETT IT physical, electronic and managerial procedures have been employed to safeguard the security and integrity of personal information. Billing information is encrypted whenever transmitted or received online. Personal information is accessible only by staff designated to handle online complaints or requests. All BARRETT IT staff members with access to personal information obtained on the . We have a third party MSSP (managed security service provider) that manages a local IDS (Intrusion detection system). This third party has access to data on the network but is bound by confidentially agreements with our company.

Telephone Monitoring

To ensure our customers receive quality service, BARRETT IT randomly selects phone calls for monitoring. The calls between our customers and employees are evaluated by supervisors. This is to guarantee that prompt, consistent assistance and accurate information is delivered in a professional manner.

How BARRETT IT Uses Personal Information Collected Online
We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that for which it is submitted. We use personal information to reply to inquiries, handle complaints, provide operational notices and in program record keeping.

Disclosure to Law Enforcement

If you violate our acceptable use or terms of service policies, your information may be used to provide additional information to companies such as spamhaus ( or the Do Not Host Blacklist ( Your information may also be shared with local law enforcement when applicable.

Revision 0017A 9/1/2015